Important tools you need for basic indoor laundry

Doing laundry is not a simple task as many households can get by using laundromat services near their home. However, knowing how to do it yourself is among the most impressive skills that you can develop. However big or small your new home is, you need to keep at least a handful of these laundry day essentials:

Source of cold and lukewarm water

Water temperature matters a lot for laundry as it has a heavy impact on how hard the colour will stay in the fabric. Warm water can clean dirt more easily but it can damage vivid colours like in denim and dresses. For such cases, you need to use cold water for non white clothes. It’s also not okay to just use cold water for white clothes as it can make stains permanent if used without bleach. 

Washer and dryer

A washer and a dryer can be expensive so they are more considered as luxuries in certain households. However, it is essential if you have a small home or if your lifestyle needs you to dedicate your time elsewhere. Happy Indoors suggests getting a dryer only if you can only afford one of the two because drying clothes is the harder part of the activity.

Deep sink or basin and drying rack

If you insist on going full manual, then you will need to use the kitchen sink or a basin for washing your laundry. This will take time and effort as scrubbing is a manual labour that needs muscle to do. It also needs frequent replacement of water so you can rinse it without the soap residue. 

Drying racks can be a standing contraption or a clothesline set outdoors. Just choose the one that you can set up at home. If you have a balcony or a backyard, then the bigger ones are better. Otherwise, use a small rack that can fit indoors. 

Iron and ironing board

Washed clothes tend to wrinkle and folding them in that state will ruin how they look upon wearing them. You need to flatten them with an iron so they look presentable. You should also invest in an ironing board to have a flat surface and to avoid misplacing the iron where it can start a fire. Most ironing boards are foldable so you don’t need to worry about consuming space. 

Laundry detergents and laundry additives

You cannot complete a laundry without using detergents. Find the most popular brand and detergent type among all households as these tend to have the mildest solution. Using detergents that are too strong can be harmful to you and your laundry. Additives are not necessary but they can improve the scent of your clothes as you wear them. Happy Indoors doesn’t recommend using bleach unless you really need to remove a strong stain.

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