With the increase in modern work culture in metro cities, life is very fast. And, everyone much occupied in their daily work that they don’t get much time for their household chores such as laundry. At Happy Indoors, we take away the worry of washing your clothes through our laundry service in Gurgaon, and in what way, we go for it to your home and wash it for you. And, we give it back in 48 hours to the doors of your home perfectly washed and ready to be used. You just enjoy your time.

To offer quality online laundry service in Gurgaon, we are aware of the importance of the care of garments until they are back with you, as well as the service and attention to our customers. Thus, we have the most innovative machinery, excellent solution. And we always ensure the highest professionalism and most speed for on-time delivery. Because the most important thing is the satisfaction of our customers.

We cover all areas of the city and coming soon to Delhi, and we provide the best laundry and dry cleaning in Gurgaon at your doorstep. You only need to schedule your pick-up appointment and we anything else is upon us. You can schedule the appointment via our website, via WhatsApp or by phone call or by our mobile app, as you like. For the initial few orders, the customers can also avail exciting offers and discounts.

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Get to know Happy Indoors’ services

If you are busy and have no time to wash your clothes, it’s best to go to laundry shops like Happy Indoors. With our help, you can have your garments cleaned and ironed according to your liking. Dig further into the details about our services below:

What are our main services?

Explore the different services of Happy Indoors by looking through the details below:

Wash and Fold

Try the Wash and Fold package of Happy Indoors which only costs INR 50. It’s a fitting choice for casual and regular wear with a quick turnaround time of 48 hours at the latest. As its name suggests, we don’t only wash your clothes through our machines but our staff will personally fold them for your convenience. On that note, here are some of the techniques that we use when it comes to folding clothes in the most efficient way:


Since t-shirts are one of the most common pieces of clothing, our staff have mastered the proper way of folding them in a space-saving manner. Here’s what they do:

  1. Laying the shirt flat on the clean surface
  2. Folding one arm in the armpit seam
  3. On the same side, folding the length of the shirt toward the centre
  4. Doing the same process as steps 2 and 3 on the other side, making the shirt look like a rectangle
  5. Taking the folded shirt and bringing it from the bottom up to the top to reduce its size in half
  6. Smoothing out the small square of the shirt and placing it on its designated bag for delivery.

Dress Shirts

On another hand, this is how we often fold dress shirts after they have been cleaned:

  1. Putting the shirt button-side down on a flat and clean surface
  2. Bringing the right sleeve towards the middle, folding along the armpit seam
  3. Ensuring that the fold at the right sleeve is around a 45-degree angle toward the hem
  4. Repeating the 2nd and 3rd steps on the left side
  5. Holding the bottom hem and folding the bottom third of the shirt up
  6. Folding it again so the folded portion reaches the top of the shoulders
  7. Turning over the folded dress shirt and placing it inside the bag for delivery.


Washing and folding towels is also another speciality in our laundry shop and we usually follow these steps to keep them in order:

  • Holding the towel lengthwise and bringing the hems together so the towel becomes half in length
  • Repeating the previous step
  • Rotating the towel so the lengthwise in front with the hem and any designs are facing down
  • Putting each side edge to the centre one at a time like folding a piece of paper in thirds
  • Flipping the towel over and placing it inside the delivery bag. 


Maintain the great quality of your sweaters by having them washed in a laundry machine and having them folded by a professional. Take a closer look at how it’s being folded below:

  1. Putting the sweater face down and folding the sleeve in toward its centre
  2. Repeating the previous step on the other side
  3. Bringing the bottom hem up and folding the sweater in half
  4. Turning the folded sweater over and storing it in the delivery basket safely.

Wash and Iron

Aside from the wash and fold package, we also offer the wash and iron package for those who want their clothes to look spick and span. This only costs INR 80 with a turnaround time of 48 hours to 72 hours, depending on the volume of orders.

Moreover, this varies on the kilos of clothes that are part of your order. On another hand, this package is usually suitable for casual and regular wear for the best results.

Benefits of ironing your clothes

Pick the wash and iron package of Happy Indoors and reap the following perks:

  • It kills the germs

Although washing your clothes kills most germs, some of these still continue living in your clothes afterwards. That’s why it’s best to iron them to remove any extra bacteria and fungi since its heat terminates them all at once.

  • It unshrinks clothes

If you experience any of your clothes shrinking, it’s good to have them ironed to get them back into their original size. Moreover, it’s ideal to leave this job to the professionals to avoid any further damage and for the most efficient results.

  • It helps your clothes look fresh

Simply washing your clothes is not enough for them to look neat and fresh. It’s still better to have them ironed to remove all the unnecessary wrinkles and have them look sophisticated. This is especially important for pants, dress shirts and dresses to give a better look whenever you are wearing them. Moreover, it improves the overall quality of the fabric of your clothes so it’s a big win in the long run.

  • It protects your clothes

Ironing your clothes maintains their good quality for a long time. It becomes more resistant to different weather conditions and other possible wear and tear damages. In turn, you can use them longer and refrain from spending money on new ones.

  • It removes bad smells

Even if not many people are aware of it, ironing your clothes removes any bad odours. Request to have fresheners placed in the iron to make your clothes smell better than ever.

  • It puts you in a good light

For most professionals, it’s important to maintain a clean image to leave a good impression on the people around you. This is possible by having your clothes ironed if you don’t have the luxury of time to do it yourself.

Dry Cleaning

Another great service from Happy Indoors is dry cleaning which starts at INR 65 for every shirt. It usually has a turnaround time of 48 hours for small orders but may take longer for large amounts of clothes. Contrary to its name, dry cleaning still uses certain liquids with the exception of water. As many researchers found, water can damage specific fabrics like wool, leather and silk so it’s best to go for the dry cleaning option to maintain its good appearance.

How does it work?

Know how the dry cleaning process works in Happy Indoors here:

  1. Tagging and inspection

The first step in the dry cleaning process is tagging your clothes if they are for dry cleaning or not. The staff also has to inspect if there are any stains to be removed or if any special attention is needed for your garments.

  1. Pre-treatment

The pretreatment phase is optional and depends on the customer. If you want your stains to be pre-treated, make sure to point them out in your order form so we can act upon them accordingly. This is usually where the staff removes stains without putting them inside the washing machine.

  1. Dry cleaning

Although it’s called dry cleaning, this does not necessarily mean that your clothes will stay dry during the entire process. Instead, they are placed in specialized machines with certain liquids except for the water that helps clean the clothes without damaging them.

  1. Post-spotting

The fourth step called post-spotting entails removing stains using steam, air and vacuum. However, this varies on the type of stain involved like if it’s a wet one, this uses chemicals of similar properties to remove them. Meanwhile, if it’s dry, this usually utilizes solvents or dry-side chemicals to get rid of the stain.

  1. Finishing

Once the clothes are cleaned, this is now where the last step is applied which is referred to as the finishing. This often involves re-shaping the clothes through quick-drying and applying pressure to the garment.

Premium Laundry

For suits and more luxurious garments, it’s best to go for the premium laundry service of Happy Indoors. This costs INR 120 and has a turnaround time of 24 to 48 hours. However, take note that this cannot be processed unless you have fully paid your dues.

On another hand, additional charges are applied for orders exceeding 10 kilograms in weight. For example, an extra INR 45 is put for the wash and fold package while the wash and iron package is at INR 75 for add-on fees.

How often should you do your laundry?

If you’re having trouble picking the right time to send your clothes to the laundry shop, try looking through some tips found below:

  • Underwears (except bras) should be washed after every use
  • Bras can be worn 3 to 4 times before washing
  • Shirts and blouses should be washed after 1 to 2 wearings
  • Dress pants or slacks should be washed after 2 to 3 wearings
  • Jeans should be washed after 4 to 5 wearings
  • Sweaters should be washed after 6 wearings, depending on how long you use them each time
  • Suits, blazers and casual jackets should be washed after 5 to 6 wearings
  • Workout clothes should be washed after using them once
  • Sleepwear should be washed after 2 to 3 wearings
  • Sheets can be washed once a week
  • Towels should be washed after using them three times.

Ideally, it’s best to have your clothes washed once a week but it can also be done biweekly if that fits your personal schedule better. Go with Happy Indoors services now for a more convenient laundry experience.